1. What do you think of the people in your hometown?
  2. What foods and dishes do people have in your hometown?
  3. How do you spend the Spring Festival?
  4. Could you tell us some customs in your hometown?
  5. How is the weather like in your hometown?
  6. Where do you usually go in your hometown at your free time? Why?

Chinese name is YangQin English name is Crina
5/14/2010 01:02:12 pm

1.I think our people is flame and goodness!
2.we like spicy-hot If you eat hot food ,you must go to our hometown--SiChuang provice!
3.we will eat year dinnar at night and wear new clothes ,at that day the home is so liveliness but the street is so deserted.and there are so many delicious food to eat.Also,the eldership will give the junior some money which called money given to children as a lunar New Year gift.
4.In dragon boat festival, we will eat zongzi-- traditional Chinese rice-pudding.In the sixth of june will eat the quacker.If you want to say :"why?" I also answer incapability to you :"I don't know!"
5.In spring ,the weather is such comfortable .the tree is green and the rive is clear ,also the air is very fresh.But in summer, the temperature is so hot that make us feel unhappy! In winter we also feel cold and In autumn we feel a little comfortable .
the leaf goes yellow .
6.I usually go to a dam which offers the water to all of the people who live in that city! In there ,you can see the widely area of the water and the breeze made you feel so happy!Also there are many food to sell. so you can enjoy yourself all the time!

11/10/2010 08:29:06 am

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