My new friend Robin of Venezuela asked me to write on the subject. I think it would be a good idea. May be my fellow Chinese friends would get some ideas as to how I learn a new language. I would suggest them to do likewise as a lot them asked me how to improve their written and oral English.I started learning Spanish about two years ago and I have been doing so on and off. However, lately I have taken it seriously. I am determined to improve my Spanish to a level that I can at least communicate with Spanish speakers in simple conversation. I love the Spanish language because it sounds so poetic and like music to my ears. In particular I love Spanish and latino musics. Santana, Shakira, Juanes and Alexjandro Sanz are some of my most favourite singers. 

If you ask me what are my thoughts on learning Spanish, I can sum it up in one word, tough. I think Spanish is the toughest language in the world, particularly for a Cantonese person like me as Cantonese is very flat so I have a hard time pronouncing the "r" sound, not to mention the trilling "rr" sound. Besides, there is so much grammar to deal with in Spanish. Whereas the Chinese language, as I wrote in my blog a few days ago, has no grammar. I think the Spanish speaking peoples are language genius. How could they speak such a tough language so fast. It seems words just spurted out from their mouths and they do not have to think about it.I study Spanish entirely on my own.

I did not go to any schools to learn the language nor did I follow any professional teachers. I rely mostly on textbooks, websites and my friends to learn and improve my Spanish. I am especially grateful to my Spanish speaking friends, a lot of whom have gone out of their ways to help me such as talking to me and correcting me from time to time. I list below some of the resources I use for learning Spanish, which may be useful to you too. They are:

  • textbooks from libraries, the website studyspanish 
  • language social nets such as italki and LiveMocha,
  • online dictionaries such as SpanishdictWordreference. I like the latter a lot. I often asked them Spanish questions and they would give me an answer almost every time in less than five minutes.
  • internet news networks such as Latino msnrtv.esBBC mundo
  • watching Spanish soap operas on Telemundo. I love "El Clon" on telemundo.
  • watching popular American videos with Spanish soundtrack and sub-title.

A Spanish friend at one time told me that the best way to learn Spanish is to get a Spanish girlfriend or move to a South American country or Spain. I know both are not possible. So I will continue to learn Spanish by the above-listed means. However, I am likely to travel to New York and Los Angeles in July and stay there for a long period of time. I look forward to practising my Spanish there, especially in Los Angeles, where there is a big hispanic community.
4/19/2010 04:30:53 pm

U express what i wanna say and i can't agree with u more.Thanks 4 ur suggestion,I'll take it. :)

4/20/2010 07:54:04 pm

I think you are really great. Without attending any school or following teachers' advice you can also learn Spanish well. I am learning German, and maybe it is as tough as Spanish( at least our teacher said so). I find it really hard.

4/21/2010 12:24:48 pm

You are so great! I was still poor on my english gramma, i must learn from you. Learning a language persistently, i think we will success finally. Good luck!

4/21/2010 11:47:47 pm

Hey man! You surprised me! For 2 years of learning spanish you are so advanced, and without even using a teacher.
Language pages like livemocha really work
Good luck and keep it up ;)

4/22/2010 12:30:17 am

Adrian, thanks for you encouragement. I love Livemocha. The problem is a lot of times don't work well with my computer. My friends do you encounter similar problems?

3/30/2012 12:19:30 pm

Hey,man.your Blog is awesome ,will definitely come again soon ,keep it up


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7/25/2012 06:03:11 pm

I agree with your Blog and I will be back to check it more in the future so please keep up your work. I love your content & the way that you write. It looks like you have been doing this for a while now, how long have you been blogging for?

7/25/2012 06:03:31 pm

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7/25/2012 06:03:45 pm

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8/1/2012 02:56:53 pm

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