One of my friends asked me are there any easy ways to tell the difference between a mortgagor and mortgagee, consignor and consignee, chargor and chargee...... I understand his problem, the respective terms are so similar and yet they are opposite parties to each other. A mixed-up is fatal in examinations and businesses. I hope my explanation would be helpful to those who are engaged in the banking or logistics business or business English students.

The rule is very simple the party with a suffix "or" is the one which acts or which gives the action, whereas the party with a suffix "ee" is the one which receives the action. Here are some of the examples:
  • In a mortgage transaction, the mortgagor is the person who mortgages the property and is usually the owner of the property, whereas the mortgagee is the party which takes the property as a mortgage or security, and usually is the bank.
  • In a shipment, the consignor is the party who consigns the merchandise and is usually the seller, whereas the consignee is the party which receives the merchandise and is usually the buyer.
  • In a a payment transaction, a payor is the party which pays the money, whereas the payee is the party which receives the money.
  • In an assignment, the assignor is the party which assigns the title or benefits of a property or other goods and is usually the seller, whereas the assignee is the party which receives the benefits of the property or the goods and usually is the buyer.
  • On an envelope, the addresser is the sender of the letter and the addressee is the receiver.
Below are more examples:

  • appointer vs. appointee
  • bailer vs. bailee
  • donor vs. donee
  • lessor vs. lessee (lease)
  • nomin(or) vs. nominee
  • transferor vs. transferee
  • trainer vs. trainee
  • trust v trustee
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