A friend at the Italki asked the above question. Basically both are acceptable if it is related to location. See the below examples:

  • I will meet you at the office, or, 
  • I will meet you in the office.

However, if you want to tell others whether you are at work or not then in the office should used, for examples, 

  • Yes, I have to work on Monday, I will be in the office.
  • No, I don't have to work on Monday, I will not be in the office.

Further, the use of "in" or "at" makes a difference in the following situations:

  • I teach English in unversity.
  • I teach English at the Hong Kong Unversity.

"In" should be used if the type of school in general is referred to. In the first example "in university" is used because you are telling others that you are teaching  university level, not middle school, not primary schoo. "At" should be used if one specific school is referred to, In the second example "at" is used because you want to tell people that your are not only teaching university level but also at HK university and not any other universities.

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5/6/2010 11:48:09 am

You are really a kind man!
Thank you for your teaching and i learned a lot from your blog!

5/6/2010 12:28:42 pm

it is perfect.
thank you

5/6/2010 02:18:44 pm

i can understand what you wrote above.but still can't go through the ralated questions.the preposition is always a tricky part of english.
anyway,the article you wrote above is still helpful

5/6/2010 02:33:07 pm

Bing,you are right. Prepositions are tricky, although they are simple spelling-wise. Honestly, I did not score 100% on the related questions. However, practices will make perfect.

5/7/2010 01:31:18 pm

Thanks a lot. English grammer is so complex. Since I came to university, I lost contact with grammer. You know, the Germanstudy took me too much time. Hope you can write more articals like this.

4/11/2012 06:54:22 pm

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