1. What university or college are you attending? 
  2. What year are you in? What is your major? 
  3. How do you think English would help you in your studies? 
  4. What are the major difficulties you face when learning English? 
  5. How do you think I can help you? 
  6. What are your goals after you graduate?
  7. Other comments.

    Improve your writing skill 改善你的写作技巧

    You answer some simple questions in English and I will attempt to correct your answers I would keep the style of your writing. If I were to write it anew, I probably would have done so differently.You may send to me by e-mail at bzin88@gmail.com 你用英文回答一些简单问题,我会作修改但保留你的风格。如果由我重新写, 我可能不同写法。 你可电邮给我 bzin88@gmail.com


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