Last Friday, I went to the Flower Show held in the Hong Kong Victoria Park, which is situated in the middle of the city. The show, which is a two weeks event, features a wide variety of flowers, plants and shrubs grown locally or imported from overseas. It also features landscapes designed by horticulture enthusiasts from Hong Kong and neighbouring countries. Honestly, the show is nothing spectacular but it attracts a lot of local visitors. It is a big event for Hong Kong because we can hardly see flowers and landscapes in Hong Kong, let alone so many of them all in one place. As you can see from my pictures, visitors were busy taking pictures and kids were having a good time. Further, you can see the skyscrapers at the background. That is Hong Kong, nothing but people and skyscrapers. Overall, I enjoyed the occasion very much.上周五我去每年一度为期两周的花卉展览会,该展会在港岛市中心维多利亚公园举行,当天全场布满五彩缤纷花卉,各式各种的灌木及参展单位的园林设计,说实话该项目不如大会宣传所说是世界园艺盛事,但在香港这个石屎森林有这类型的活动也吸引到大批香港居民热烈捧场,由我上传照片可看到拍照发烧友疯狂拍照及小孩开心的情况,可知其欢迎程度。在照片背景可看到花园周围的高楼大厦,可知花草树木在香港是多珍贵。总的来说我很享受当天的活动。

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