My friend asked me an interesting question. She noted in my blog that I wrote "Let's blog and learn new languages in a fun way". She did not realize that the word "blog" could be used as a verb. She asked me what was the rule regarding the use a noun as a word. I have to say that there is no such rule. Practically any noun can be used as a verb. I am saying "practically". It means you cannot do so in examinations. 

I think many nouns have been used as verbs such as, walk, play, train, chat, talk etc. etc.. I will call such verbs "noun verbs".  Some noun verbs which are so widely use that there are no any better substitutions. Below are some of the examples (there are many many more):

  • Buzz me. Ring me. Phone me.
  • Are you blackmailing me?
  • Are you bulls****ing me (a bad word, don't ever use it in your exam!!!)
  • Prices are skyrocketing.
  • Obama is kowtowing (叩头) to China.
  • The project was hijacked (stolen) by him. 
  • The police fingerprinted the the suspect.
  • They railroaded (convicted with haste) the accused man.
  • Chinese boycotted Carrefour supermarket. (Boycott was the name of an Irishman in nineteenth century.) 
  • I have bookmarked/favorited the website.
  • The event was documented (videotaped). 
  • Please airmail the letter to me.

As you can see English is very flexible. It can go as far as your imagination can take you. You can create new English words. As a matter of fact some brand names are so popular that they are widely accepted as verbs for the respective functions that they perform. 

  • Please xerox  (copy) the document for me.
  • Please google it (do an internet search).
  • Please qq (or msn) me.
  • Please fedex (or courier) the sample to me.

Can you think of such noun verbs? Please let me know.

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